Julie Hwang Herrmann


Julie Hwang Herrmann was born in Korea. She immigrated to the United States when she was 12 years old.  She attended Shorecrest High School in Seattle and then graduated from the UW earning a B.S. in Psychology in 1986. After graduation, she first worked as a legal assistant for 3 years in a law firm in Los Angeles.

She then returned to Seattle and joined Herrmann Law Group in 1990. Because she is fluent in both English and Korean, she was immediately assigned to cases involving the families of 89 victims of the 1983 shoot down of Korean Airlines flight KAL 007 by the Soviet military over Sakhalin Island.  Julie provided all in-house interpretation, worked closely with each of our clients in answering all interrogatories and in responding to requests for production of documents and in preparing the clients for their depositions.

Subsequently, Julie worked in a similar role for 56 victims of the crash of Korean Airlines flight KE 801 that occurred near the airport at Agana, Guam, on August 6, 1997; 86 victims of the crash of Air China flight CA 129 near Gim Hae in 2000; the Mi Joo bus crash that occurred near Pendleton, Oregon in 2012; and, has just now finished working in the same capacity for numerous victims of the crash of Asiana flight OZ 214 at San Francisco in the summer of 2013. In these cases, Julie’s role as a paralegal expanded to include responsibility for coordinating the exchange of information with experts such as the victims’ physicians and psychologists, together with CPAs and economists, and cultural experts retained by the firm.

Combined with her 28 years of experience as a paralegal, Julie’s sensitivity and careful attention to each of our clients won their trust, confidence, and respect.  Much of our firm’s success in these disaster cases is directly attributable to her efforts.